How Crypto Savings Can Earn 250x More Than a Bank Account

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The crypto industry is evolving into a decentralized financial landscape. This builds upon Satoshi’s original vision of becoming bankless, and some digital assets are yielding bank busting interest rates. DeFi is The Future of Crypto Banks are in trouble and that much is a fact. Global debt is escalating and commercial banks are feeding it in the name of fat profits for those at the top. Central banks in turn are feeding them by printing more currency and flooding the system with billions of newly minted bank notes. This generally devalues the base currency over time by diminishing its purchasing power. While all this is going on the same bankers are dropping interest rates which punishes those responsible enough to have savings, while rewarding those that want to borrow more, at further profit for the bank. Decentralized finance is the future as it provides a way for people to manage…

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