How Buying Bitcoin Could Solve the Global Pension Crisis

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Amid fears of a world recession, the pension time bomb is ticking louder. Financial experts warn that the coming pension crisis is of such a magnitude that it will eventually affect everyone. Now, some are looking into Bitcoin as a potential savior of pension plans. Pension Funds Investing in BTC Could Achieve Annual Returns of over 19% The deepening of the pension crisis is due to the difference between how much a pension has to pay out versus how much money the pension has available to pay out. Now, this gap is expanding. According to Moody’s Investor Services, public pensions are already underfunded by $4 trillion. And, Moody also announces that pension costs will rise through 2020. So, the pressing question is, how to cover the $4 trillion gap? In the 2015 audit of state pensions, the avg yield was 3.6%. 6% of investments in "non-government securities." If 0.3% of…

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