How BTSE Creates Additional Value for Cryptocurrency Users with Earn Feature

The new BTSE Earn feature is undoubtedly the right step in the right direction for both users and exchange owners. With the new BTSE Earn, crypto-asset holders can earn interest on their assets. There is a range of Earn products the preferred assets of users. The new Earn feature on the BTSE cryptocurrency exchange will allow users to earn yield from their crypto assets. The implication is that you can earn interest on your idle assets on the BTSE exchange without trading your assets. It is a new approach in the crypto space and certainly a welcome development for platform users. With the new BTSE Earn feature, the ecosystem caters to both traders and savers. Currently, there are flexible and fixed-term deposits available for crypto-assets like ETH, BTC, and some popular stablecoins. In the near future, BTSE is likely to release additional currencies for its teeming platform users. Before we…

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