How Bryan Legend Is Moving DeFi Forward At A Lightning Pace

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The best businesses and technologies are always built by self-made entrepreneurs who never waver in their pursuit of success within anything they touch. Australian entrepreneur Bryan Legend is one amongst many who has been focusing his efforts and passion on a new decentralized finance project called CLEVER. Here’s why the world of technology is buzzing about CLEVER DeFi and why Legend’s involvement is critical to the project’s long-term success. The Man, The Myth: Bryan Legend People love to cheer for the underdog, which is why stories of those who rise from nothing to become self-made millionaires are stories everyone can get behind. Bryan Legend is one of those tales, dropping out of high school but eventually becoming one of the most respected entrepreneurs globally. By the age of 20, the lack of school hadn’t held him back and, in fact, gave Legend a hunger that others couldn’t match. An early…

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