How Bitcoin Breaks $20K: The Answer Lies in Gold-M2 Correlation

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Bitcoin bulls have repeatedly claimed that the cryptocurrency price will hit $20,000 shortly. While many analysts believe it would happen, some disagree. Popular crypto bull Joe007 said earlier this week that Bitcoin would face liquidity problems if it surges towards $20K. He noted that only a few investors would want to purchase the cryptocurrency at its all-time high “for actual dollars.” Quite conversely, the absence of buying orders would reduce its bids that, in turn, would follow a more in-depth price correction. I'm all for it – as long as someone here is actually ready to actually buy bitcoin or two at 20K. For actual dollars, you know. Because with long/short ratio like this, you can't count on squeezed shorts to do that for you, sorry. — Joe007 signals·alerts·funds are scams, all of them (@J0E007) October 21, 2020 Pricing Bitcoin The statements questioned an average investor’s inability to…

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