Hold Or Hoard: Data Shows Staggering Amount Of Bitcoin Supply Hasn’t Moved In Several Years

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Bitcoin is the entire reason that the term “HODL” was coined, no pun intended. The phrase “hold on for dear life” may have been taken too much too heart, with more than half of the total BTC supply locked away dormant in a wallet for a year or more. Are these committed long-term holders, hoarders, or is something else going on? We’re looking at all the possible scenarios related to the ever-increasing sleeping supply of BTC and what each could indicate. Supply Shock: Over Half Of BTC In Circulation Has Been Dormant A Year Or More Percentage of BTC Supply Dormant 1-Year, 2-Years, and 3-Years | Source: glassnode Bitcoin is a trader’s asset, experiencing wild and explosive volatility, rising and falling 80% or more in a year or less. But it is also a long-term investor’s dream, or at least it always has been. Anyone holding Bitcoin for just about…

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