Historical Data Suggests Bitcoin is Poised to Post a $3,000 Movement

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Bitcoin saw some intense early-morning volatility today when its price rallied to highs of $9,350 before facing a swift rejection This caused it to subsequently reel beneath its $9,200 support, but buyers are now attempting to defend against further downside This volatility comes as the cryptocurrency’s weekly candle close fast approaches One analyst is now noting that this $300 movement may simply be the prelude to a much larger one He explained that historical data suggests that the crypto will soon make a 30% movement in one direction or another This means BTC may rally or dive by nearly $3,000. Bitcoin bulls stepped up to the plate and attempted to propel the cryptocurrency up towards $9,400 earlier this morning. They were met with significant selling pressure at this level that caused its price to dive lower. It now appears that BTC is in a precarious position, as bulls are struggling…

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