HEX Tool Developer Removes App Over Token Manipulation Concerns

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The developer of the HEX Tool application has removed it from app stores and asked users to delete it from their phones. He also shut down the StakeHEX website and HEX simulator, citing evidence of possible token manipulation. Closing Shop App developer, and StakeHEX founder, Paul Hughes posted similar messages across multiple social media channels, announcing the app’s removal. Due to evidence of possible manipulation of the HEX market value, I can no longer recommend HEX with clean conscience. Hughes goes on to say that he has removed the app from app stores, and urges users to delete it from their phones. He rounds off by saying that it has been a wild ride, and wishing users luck for the future. The mentioned evidence may relate to a recent conversion in the HEXtutorial Telegram group, discussing just such a potential manipulation attack. HEX Tool The Tool app was marketed as,…

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