Here’s Why This Break Above $12,000 is Different from Past Bitcoin Rallies

BTCUSD 980x514

Bitcoin’s price has seen some significant momentum throughout the past few days The cryptocurrency is currently trading at the highest price it has been at since before the summer rally came to an end This momentum appears to be the result of a confluence of different factors, including growing BTC adoption amongst corporations Just today, PayPal announced that they are planning to rollout cryptocurrency buying, selling, and storage features to all of their users Bitcoin, Ethereum, as well as a select few other digital assets will be supported upon its imminent launch One analyst is also noting that this $12,000 breakout is different from a technical perspective as well Bitcoin has continued its ascent today while the rest of the crypto market largely continues consolidating. The lack of momentum seen by altcoins may be coming about due to a shift in capital away from alts and towards BTC. The immense…

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