Here’s Why The Digital Yuan Is The Opposite Of Bitcoin

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The Digital Yuan is imminent. The time for Central Bank Digital Currencies is near us. Sooner than later, CBDCs will be the norm. And the Digital Yuan will break ground. Here’s what this means for Bitcoin and why the two assets are directly opposed. The Petro And The Digital Yuan Easily monitored programmable money opens a world of possibilities for police states around the world. Even though it was heavily mocked, Venezuela’s Petro was the first Central Bank Digital Currency. It was marketed as a cryptocurrency. The deep-rooted centralization that characterized the whole project suggested otherwise. The Venezuelan experiment didn’t go unnoticed, but the limitations of a bankrupt economy were too heavy of a burden. It’s still an interesting case study, but, what if the most successful currency of the century tried its hand at it instead? What if the most technologically advanced police state were to put its brightest…

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