Here’s Why One Analyst Expects Bitcoin to Surge Towards $12,000

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Bitcoin and the entire crypto market aren’t providing investors with much clarity into their near-term outlooks BTC is in the process of battling the headwinds created by the ongoing turbulence within the stock market This turbulence has come about as a result of a lack of progress surrounding the second stimulus package If the White House and Congress fail to come to terms with an agreement, then the stock market may continue seeing immense selling pressure that impacts Bitcoin One analyst is still confident that upside may be imminent for BTC He is pointing to the strong support just below where it is currently trading, noting that a move higher could be imminent From a fundamental perspective, Bitcoin has been growing by leaps and bounds, with virtually all on-chain metrics showing signs of subtle bullishness, while companies also begin accumulating BTC. This strength helped break its previous consolidation phase within…

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