Here’s Why Bitcoin’s Upside May Be “Capped” Relative to Ethereum

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Ethereum has been able to catch up to some of the gains posted by Bitcoin as of late, but it still has a long way to go before it breaks its trend of underperformance Yesterday, the cryptocurrency saw a swift rally past $460 that came about in the absence of any BTC movement This was a promising push higher, and it has yet to surrender much of these gains One analyst is now looking towards $500 as a critical level to break He notes that a 10% move higher will lead ETH above this level and make it a far better value play than BTC Ethereum has seen some immense strength throughout the past few days, rallying independently of Bitcoin as the aggregated DeFi sector shows signs of catching a second wave of momentum. If DeFi tokens continue their ascents and rekindle the farming craze, it could drive massive demand…

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