Here’s Why Bitcoin Is Primed to Move Towards $13,000 in September


Bitcoin has pressed higher over the past three days. Since bottoming last week, the leading cryptocurrency has rallied to $11,750 as of this article’s writing. BTC is poised to close above $11,500 for its monthly close, boding well for the bull case. Bitcoin is primed to move even higher according to a number of analysts. Most remain convinced that a move towards $13,000 will take place in the near future. There is heavy resistance in the $13,000-14,000 region that could unlock more upside if turned into support. Bitcoin Is Primed to Move Towards $13,000: Analysis Bitcoin is primed to move towards $13,000 in September according to a recent analysis shared to TradingView by a trader. The trader noted that there are five crucial fundamental trends suggesting that Bitcoin will make this move, which would mark an 11% rally from current levels: These are as follows: “Smart money” Bitcoin addresses are…

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