Here’s Why Bitcoin Could Crush Altcoins in Coming Weeks

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Altcoins have been posting exorbitant gains throughout the past few weeks, severely outperforming Bitcoin and most major digital assets This has come as both Bitcoin and Ethereum find themselves caught in prolonged consolidation phases just beneath their key near-term resistance levels Where they trend next may have heavy influence over the uptrends currently seen by smaller altcoins While speaking about this, one analyst explained that he expects BTC to crush altcoins in the coming weeks as it recaptures some of its market dominance Bitcoin and the aggregated cryptocurrency market are currently witnessing some incredibly mixed performance. While many smaller altcoins post gains similar to those seen by the market in 2017, all the major tokens are currently caught within consolidation phases. Despite not being able to push higher in the near-term, it is important to bear in mind that Bitcoin and other major altcoins remain within macro uptrends. While speaking…

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