Here’s the Reason Why Bitcoin’s Price is Stable Despite Macro Turbulence

Bitcoin’s price has been incredibly stable throughout the past couple of weeks Even bearish news developments that would have – in years past – catalyzed far-reaching selloffs have done little to shake its present strength Analysts are now widely noting that the traditional markets will be a guiding force for BTC going forward Which direction they begin trending mid-term will likely influence the benchmark crypto One on-chain analyst is now putting forth an interesting observation that explains why bearish news developments have not been impacting BTC Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market have been facing some immense turbulence throughout 2020, with the first part of the year greatly favoring bulls. In contrast, the rest of the year primarily consisted of consolidation. BTC has yet to establish any short-term momentum either, as the crypto’s price has been stuck between $10,200 and $11,200 for the past couple of weeks. This stability has…

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