Here’s the Crucial Level Bulls Need to Flip to Propel Bitcoin Higher

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Bitcoin has seen some immense volatility over the past couple of days, with bulls and bears ardently battling for control over the lower-$30,000 region The key support here has been tested on a few occasions, but bulls have been able to guard against any intense selloff If BTC can continue building a strong base of support down below its current price, there’s a possibility that it could be poised to see immense strength in the short-term One trader is now pointing to $32,000 as a crucial level that must be flipped by bulls from resistance to support He notes that this could open the gates for Bitcoin to see some serious momentum that leads it back to, or above, its previous all-time highs Bitcoin has been hovering within the lower-$30,000 region throughout the past several hours, with bulls unable to take firm control over its price action. This consolidation has…

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