Here’s How High Bitcoin Could Run Before Facing Immense Selling Pressure

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Bitcoin has seen some incredibly strong price action throughout the past few days After establishing the region between $9,900 and $10,000 as a baseline support level, bulls have now stepped up and propelled it back up towards $11,000 This current strength has struck a blow to bears, although BTC hasn’t reached the clear just yet One analyst is noting that the region between $11,100 and $11,200 is where he is expecting Bitcoin to face some weakness Bitcoin is currently rallying up towards the $11,000 region while the rest of the market sees some mixed price action. Today’s strength has come about after a multi-week period of range-bound trading between $9,900 and $10,300. The intense selling pressure that the cryptocurrency faced throughout the past couple of weeks was not enough to shatter the support at $9,900 that bulls ardently defended. In the time since, its price action has been overwhelmingly positive.…

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