Hedera Hashgraph Slumps 20% After Meteoric Rally

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Hedera Hashgraph (HBAR) lost over 20% of its valuation just hours after performing one of the most spectacular rallies in recent crypto history. HBAR Awakened on Speculative Google Partnership News The HBAR asset, which spent months with a flat price, finally reawakened as altcoins across the board shot for higher valuations. But for HBAR, the rally was short-lived. HBAR is still up 186% against last week, but at those levels, volatility set in. On Friday, HBAD sank by more than 20% at one point, retreating to $0.059. The recent rally, which started off at prices around $0.013 when HBAR had lost all hope, reached a peak at $0.072. What is even more curious, trading volumes expanded suddenly, to above $70 million up from just around $1 million per day. Based on the usual trading models for HBAR, the latest events look like a Binance-based pump. The trigger for this pump…

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