Happy Ending of Ethereum DeFi Hack Still Leaves Much to Be Desired

rahul chakraborty qR1WR514dAc unsplash 560x420

It has been a tumultuous ride for users of Ethereum’s decentralized finance (DeFi) over the past few days. The evening of April 18th saw DeFi protocol Lendf.me go into a tailspin, with the protocol’s primary address bleeding funds at a rapid clip. In fact, within a few hours, $25 million worth of value, held mostly in Ethereum and Tether’s USDT, was wiped from the protocol, revealed to be stolen by an attacker utilizing an exploit. But in a dramatic turn of events, the funds have been returned. Over the past 24 hours, the hacker has slowly siphoned coins back to the users, with $25 million worth of Ethereum and ERC tokens now sitting snug in dForce’s admin address. This is insane. The lendf/dForce hacker is in the process of returning all the hacked funds to the admin: $10M of ETH$6.6M of USDT$2.2M of HBTC$750K of USDC$381K of HUSD$137K of DAI$132K…

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