Google Branches Into Banking, Is It a Threat to Bitcoin?

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The big threat for Bitcoin at the moment is Google’s quantum computing prowess. A move by the search giant into banking however, could be a whole different matter for the entire crypto industry. Trust in a Google Bank Account? According to reports, Google has entered into a partnership with US banking giant Citigroup in order to launch its own ‘smart checking’ bank accounts. The account, code-named Cache, will be available via Google Play and mainstream media is already calling it a ‘bitcoin killer’. The concept and details are still vague according to the Financial Times, but they too are already touting it as the future of banking. It could be that customers just get access to a slick Google powered platform with a traditional bank account bootstrapped to it. Google is not the first tech giant angling for a slice of the lucrative financial pie and it wont be the…

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