Golden State Warriors Become First Major League Team To Release NFTs

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We’ve seen league-wide non-fungible tokens in sports through the likes of NBA Top Shot and Topps MLB, and we have seen athlete-owned NFT releases, including those from athletes like Rob Gronkowski, Patrick Mahomes, and Damian Lillard, among others. Now, we’re seeing the first professional sports team release of non-fungible tokens by way of the NBA’s Golden State Warriors. The ‘Legacy NFT Collection’ announced today by the Warriors will aim to commemorate the team’s six NBA championships, with a portion of all proceeds being donated to the Warriors Community Foundation. The Digital Drop Details The NFT release for the Warriors breaks down into two buckets, Warriors Championship Ring NFTs and Commemorative Ticket Stub NFTs. The Championship Ring NFT offering includes six separate NFT releases, one for each of Warriors championships spanning between 1947 and 2018, designed to replicate the franchises physically awarded rings; there are either 25 or 50 minted NFTs…

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