Gold to Become More Like Bitcoin in Coming Decade as World Goes Digital

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The new decade beginning with 2020 will forever be remembered for the abrupt change it brought to the economy and the world. Economic tensions during these unusual, new conditions have caused hard assets like gold and Bitcoin to thrive. According to the co-founder of a digital gold investment firm, the new post-COVID world will move increasingly towards digital investments as a hedge against neglectful monetary policy. 2020: Trade Tensions, Pandemic, and a World Moving To All-Digital While the trend truly began to unfold in early 2019, gold and Bitcoin rising then was in anticipation of what was to come when 2020 rolled around. What eventually arrived, wasn’t just increased trade tensions between the US and China or potential war brew between the US and Iran, it was a pandemic unlike the modern world has ever seen. The pandemic has swiftly decimated the economy and sent the world into a lockdown…

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