Get Educated On The Student Coin ICO With Only Two Weeks Left To Go

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The cryptocurrency industry is exploding in interest in every sector from DeFi to NFTs and more, but the technology still has a road left ahead before accessibility and education catch up with the innovation offered. In an effort to bridge that gap and make crypto-centric applications like DeFi easily accessible and understood by all, the Student Coin team has launched a groundbreaking initial coin offering that has roughly two weeks left before time has run out on the presale. Here’s more about the Student Coin project and team, the STC Wallet, and what together they plan to provide the cryptocurrency community for years to come. Student Coin ICO Ends On April 30: What You Need To Know Because there’s urgency involved, the first lesson on Student Coin focuses on the ICO with only days left remaining. The opportunity to get in on this initial coin offering expires as of April…

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