Get Educated On Binance Smart Chain: Decentralized Or Centralized?

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Here at Bicoinist, we’re covering the Binance Smart Chain’s growth as it happens. They might be the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, but we’re still in awe of what Binance built seemingly overnight. And about the contributions they’ve made to the DeFi space in such a short period of time. But, can the Binance Smart Chain technically be considered part of the DeFi space? What Does The Exchange Say About Binance Smart Chain? According to Messari researchers Wilson Withiam and Ryan Watkins, the BSC is a centralized affair. And that’s precisely the reason for the high-speed transactions, for the low fees, for its success. Their case makes sense, but that’s not even the weird part. The most surprising thing about this whole situation is that everyone in the crypto space seems to know about this. Let’s start from the beginning. As far as we can tell, the company doesn’t claim that…

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