Gasify: Aggregator app to level up the Gas Farming hype

Ethereum Gas, Gas Farming, and Gasify Gasify, brought to by the successful team behind Ethanol Token, is here to help uses not only eliminate the loss of profit due to ETH Gas Fess but to actually help users turn those gas fees into pure profit! Gasify will provide tools to maximize rewards in addition to bonus cash back on the rewards users are earning from ETH Gas cashback projects. Gas Farming is quickly becoming one of the fastest ways to earn in cryptocurrency and the DeFi space. Gasify will be the leader in this space by helping to simplify the process and maximize the returns. The cryptocurrency market is on a parabolic rise. In 2021, the world witnessed a mammoth surge in the prices of Bitcoin, Ether, and several Altcoins. According to Coindesk, Ether itself jumped up to an all-time high value of $1743 from last year’s max price range…

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