Galaxy Digital CEO: Bitcoin Dips Should Be Bought Despite BitMEX News

Bitcoin faced a strong correction on Thursday from its $10,900 daily high. The leading cryptocurrency currently trades for $10,400, reaching session lows. Altcoins have dropped even further, acting as high-beta plays on Bitcoin. The drop comes in the face of news from BitMEX, which indicates that the exchange is being charged by the CFTC for derivative and AML violations. Many say that this could be a long-term bear trend for Bitcoin as it shows that regulators are willing to take the wind out of the industry’s sales. Mike Novogratz, CEO of Galaxy Digital, is resolute. He recently stated that Bitcoin and crypto market dips are to be bought. The industry leader asserted that the crypto space is much larger than one exchange. Bitcoin Dips Should Be Bought: Galaxy Digital CEO Mike Novogratz Bitcoin underwent a strong rejection due to two pieces of news over the past few days. First and…

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