Forget Dogecoin, These Coins Are 2021’s Biggest Gainers

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It’s time to meet the new kids on the block. Needless to say, Dogecoin’s year has been amazing. We might be skeptical about the coin’s future potential, but Doge’s upward trajectory is undeniable. Year-to-date, It’s up 6708%. The crazy thing is, it’s not the best performance of 2021. Not by a long shot. Check this chart out: Top 15 gainers in 2021, so far…$BAKE $OMI $VRA $CAKE $DOGE $DENT $MATIC $WRX $PROM $FTM $NKN $WOO $ONE $XVS $BEPRO — CryptoDiffer (@CryptoDiffer) April 30, 2021 And let’s learn about them. Your due diligence and research start with these mini-profiles about the top 10 coins. There were fifteen on the chart, so the last five get a diploma and a consolation prize. Congratulations to NKN, WOO, ONE, XVS, and BEPRO. We are sure you’re all great, but the game is the game. Let’s meet the winners: 10- FTMYear-to-date growth: 3964% Fantom…

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