FOMO Begins: Bitcoin Adoption Explodes To Highest Level Since Previous Parabolic Peak

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2020 was undeniably the year of Bitcoin. No financial assets have acted as a better safe haven, insurance policy, protection against inflation, and more – all while being the top-performing mainstream investment asset in terms of ROI. FOMO has started in a major way, and will only increase from here. The sudden surge in interest surrounding crypto is reflected in the asset setting the highest number of new BTC address created since 2018 when the bear market began. With the ever-important adoption metric revisiting crypto bubble peak figures, is this the final sign that there’s no turning back and the bull market is on? Newly Created BTC Addresses Captures Rate Not Seen Since Crypto Bubble Peak Bitcoin is an unusual asset compared to stocks, gold, and traditional markets. Technical analysts typically chart them in linear scale, but because Bitcoin grows by network effect, and its price has increased so sizably…

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