First Private Search Engine For the Decentralized Web Goes Live

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Almonit has released the first version of its decentralized, private search engine for the decentralized web (dWeb). It is accessible to those with a decentralized browser or plugin at almonit.eth, and to all others at Focus On Privacy The first thing to know is that the search engine itself is decentralized. It is served via IPFS and accessed using ENS (more later). This means that users can access and carry out searches without Almonit’s knowledge, help or involvement. The search engine is totally private, as searches are done on the client end, meaning nobody knows what you searched for. It currently only searches through the 106 (and growing) known decentralized websites (dWebsites), listed in its directory. These websites use ENS and IPFS technologies. Anatomy Of A Decentralized Website The decentralized web has two core technologies. Ethereum Name Server (ENS), is as it sounds, the decentralized domain name service, replacing…

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