First-Ever Public Oracle on Tron Blockchain Set to Launch in Q1 2021!

Public oracle project, Bridge Oracle successfully completed the launch of its mainnet on Tron blockchain on Thursday. The mainnet launch aims to give Tron blockchain users access to implementing real-world decentralized applications, or DApps, by connecting them to off-chain data. Bridge Oracle, a Tron-based public oracle aiming to play a similar role to Chainlink on Ethereum, announced the launch of its mainnet on Thursday through email. Touted as the first-ever public oracle project on Tron’s blockchain, Bridge Oracle will allow users to deploy real-world DApps on Tron through its oracle system. “The mainnet launch will allow you to deploy real-world connected DApps using Bridge Oracle on the Tron network,” a spokesperson from Bridge Oracle stated. “It’s about time you start to prep up by creating your DApps on Shasta and Nile test nets. We will soon be coming up with more updates.” Smart contracts embedded in blockchains pave the way…

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