Fiat Currencies on ‘Cliff of Death’ While Recessionary Pressures Grow

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Fundamental catalysts are working with technical chart signals to indicate potential weakness in the major fiat currencies. These recessionary warnings suggest a paradigm shift into cryptos might be unfolding right before our eyes. Fundamentals Aligning With Technicals A recent tweet from Raoul Pal of Global Macro Investor highlighted weaknesses in several major world currencies: When the long-term charts all start pointing to a single event risk, I pay attention. When those charts are at the KEY level, I focus. And when they break, it is time for action… Something really BIG is going on… And one currency, after another, is approaching, and then falling off, the CLIFF of DEATH… Since these technical warning signals are long-term in nature, many crypto traders are looking for fundamental confirmation to support the underlying technical trend. Central Banks Issue Warning Signals Over the last week, traders have received that confirmation with a series of…

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