Female investors help drive surge in demand for crypto, new eToro data shows

A new wave of female investors is helping to drive the surge in demand for crypto assets such as bitcoin and ethereum, according to new data from global investment platform eToro. The percentage of female investors in bitcoin and ethereum has jumped to 15% and 12% respectively over the last year, up from 10% and 11% at the beginning of 2020. Meanwhile, the data also shows the average age of investors globally in both major crypto assets has dropped in recent years. The average bitcoin investor was 37 years old in 2017 vs 35 years old now, while ethereum investors’ average age has fallen from 35 to 32 years old over the same time period. The demographic changes come amid a surge in the price of bitcoin; the crypto asset rose from approximately $8,000 to end the year near $30,000. This trend has continued in 2021, with bitcoin hitting an…

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