FCoin Employee Allegedly Burns Team Member Tokens Worth $75M

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FCoin, the native token of the Singapore-based exchange, has allegedly had a rogue employee destroy tokens worth $75,171,370 USD, belonging to both the platform and its team members. The FCoin Story has gone from bad to worse It started off with rumors of a hack, like so many other crypto exchanges, but it seems the FCoin story has had a dramatic plot twist. A disgruntled employee has allegedly destroyed the entire token supply of the FCoin exchange. The information comes by way of “Molly” a Chinese commentator, affiliated with Bitcoin Magazine and HashKeyClub. Molly’s source told her that the employee was mad at the FCoin team and deleted the entire database, which kept track of FCoin tokens. The exchange had previously made a public statement to their community that the team themselves had elected to destroy the remaining FCoin tokens. They said that their decision was based on a prior…

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