Fantom Partners With Chainlink to Provide Developers With Randomness Solution for Smart Contracts

Fantom continues showing their dedication to improving developer experiences working on their platform with their latest partnership. They teamed up with Chainlink to natively integrate Chainlink Verifiable Random Function, which is a secure and verifiable on-chain randomness solution built specifically for smart contracts. This will act as a recommended random number generator solution for Fantom developers that may need it for their decentralized applications. Further details about this new integration can be found below. Usual issues with RNG solutions Some prevalent problems with RNG solutions derived from on-chain data can be that they become subject to manipulation by blockchain miners. This occurs when blockchain miners order transactions into blocks and delay the random number process until it produces their desired outcome. When it comes to RNG that is derived from off-chain providers, they tend to provide little integrity and lack guarantee that the API provider is not actively being tampered…

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