Facebook Covert Audio Sharing Casts Doubt Over Libra Privacy

16 July 4a

Facebook used third-party contractors to listen to user audio without telling them, in a move which raises questions about the third-party sponsors of its libra cryptocurrency. Facebook Shared Messages With Third Parties As reported on August 13, Facebook confirmed it had used middleman firms to transcribe audio messages from its Messenger app. The practice, which the company says it halted just last week, only involved users who had given their permission for audio collection in the app’s settings. However, Facebook did not disclose the data would be sent to third parties. “Much like Apple and Google, we paused human review of audio more than a week ago,” an official told Bloomberg, which reported contractors involved felt their work constituted a moral dilemma. The latest privacy shock is pertinent for cryptocurrency fans watching developments of Facebook’s in-house token and financial platform, Libra. As reported, the project, while yet to launch, has…

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