Ethereum’s Bullish Trend May Not Stop It from Seeing a Strong Correction: Analyst

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Ethereum and the entire cryptocurrency market have been facing some immense turbulence throughout the past few days and weeks The selling pressure seen by the cryptocurrency within the upper-$600 region has been quite intense, and may cause it to face continued weakness One trader is now noting that where the market trends next will depend mostly, or entirely, on Bitcoin He notes note that he is looking for ETH to see a strong correction over the coming weeks, noting that there are multiple signs of over-extension This would perpetuate a bearish trend of underperformance against BTC that has been plaguing the cryptocurrency as of late Ethereum and the rest of the crypto market have seen a notable retrace throughout the past few hours, which has come about due to Bitcoin’s weakness in the time following its plunge from highs of $24,200. Where the entire market trends next will undoubtedly depend…

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