Ethereum Will Become More “Centralized and Dysfunctional Over Time”

7 Sep 1 640x400

Bitcoin developer Tuur Demeester recently took to Twitter to once again express his concerns regarding Ethereum and the project’s future. Ethereum is still the second-largest cryptocurrency, with the current price of $184.32 and a market cap of nearly $20 billion, at the time of writing. The coin also has a daily trading volume of $8.90 billion, which makes it the third most-traded cryptocurrency around the world. However, while Ethereum remains the largest blockchain-based development platform, not everyone agrees that it is as deserving of its position as it may seem. Bitcoin developer Tuur Demeester, recently posted about the project on Twitter, expressing his concerns about ETH. According to Demeester, Ethereum’s culture is ‘antithetical to the cypherpunk ethos.’ As such, it can only lead the project to greater centralization and make it dysfunctional, as Demeester argues. Imo Ethereum's culture is antithetical to the cypherpunk ethos, and as a result the project…

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