Ethereum Surges Towards $370, Denying Expectations of Further Losses


Ethereum fell as low as $315 in September as a strong selloff rattled the markets. Since those lows, ETH has bounced back in notable fashion. The coin currently trades at $369, its highest price in many days as buyers finally step back into the market after an altcoin carnage. Ethereum is leading Bitcoin higher as of this article’s writing, outperforming BTC’s 1.5% gain with a 5% move higher. ETH’s move higher came after many investors were expecting the cryptocurrency to continue its decline. There were some that were calling for Ethereum to fall towards $300, but as can be seen, this isn’t the case. ETH may continue its ascent higher in the near future as it moves above a falling wedge. Ethereum Surges Towards $370 Ethereum is currently on its way to $370 as of this article’s writing. The coin is up 5% in the past 24 hours, outperforming Bitcoin…

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