Ethereum Remains Weak So Long as Bulls Fail to Flip One Key Level

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Ethereum’s price has been trapped below one crucial level throughout the past few days While it has been flashing signs of strength, buyers have not been able to shatter the selling pressure that exists at $450 This is a key level that ETH bulls have been struggling to break above throughout the past few days and weeks Until this level is firmly surmounted, the crypto may remain in a somewhat precarious position Buyers and sellers have yet to post any strong break above this level, as each one has been met with intense selling pressure that forces it lower One analyst is noting that until it can firmly break above this level, it could be poised to see some serious downside Ethereum has been closely tracking Bitcoin’s price action as of late, which has exposed it to some weakness resulting from BTC’s recent dip below $15,000. The benchmark cryptocurrency is…

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