Ethereum Reaches Crucial Macro Resistance as Analysts Eye a Pullback

ETHUSD 980x536

Ethereum’s price has rallied higher today in tandem with Bitcoin and other major digital assets This latest surge simply marks an extension of that seen throughout the past several days and weeks, with ETH now trading at the highest price levels seen in over a year The crypto is currently pushing up against its high time frame resistance, however, which could be a sign that its uptrend will start slowing in the near-term Where it goes next may also depend on BTC’s reaction to its resistance, as a failure to push higher here will likely lead to a sharp retrace Ethereum has been able to significantly extend that uptrend that it first incurred while it was trading around $230. After surging from these multi-week lows and smashing all the resistance levels that existed throughout the upper-$200 region, the crypto has since reached its high time frame resistance at just below…

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