Ethereum Prices Go Vertical, What is Driving the ETH Rally?

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Ethereum has over doubled in price since the beginning of this year and yet again it is dominating crypto markets today. A new seven month high has been hit as ETH closes on $300 but what is driving it? Ethereum Price Doubles in 2020 In a move mirroring the rally of May 2019, Ethereum charts have gone vertical again. According to ETH prices tapped a new seven month high of $275 during a solid Asian trading session on crypto markets. The 12% gain on the day has eclipsed any moves made by bitcoin which is still slowly grinding higher. Ethereum is now at resistance and a breakthrough is looking likely. This will take prices up to $300 pretty quickly as there is little resistance on this path. ETH prices 3 months – The last time ETH moved so fast was in May last year when prices surged from…

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