Ethereum Posted an Incredibly Bullish Weekly Close, But Will It Keep Running?

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Ethereum’s price action has been front running that of Bitcoin over the past few days This has led some analysts to note that ETH’s strength is actually what catalyzed the ongoing uptrend seen by BTC The cryptocurrency is now showing even further signs of strength as it pushes towards $330 Multiple analysts are noting that the stars are aligning for the crypto and that multiple factors suggest further upside is imminent As for how high these positive factors could lead Ethereum, one analyst is setting his sights on a move to $360 Ethereum has been caught in the throes of an intense uptrend throughout the past week, rallying from lows of $230 to highs of nearly $330 that were set today. This strength comes as the entire market’s outlook begins growing bright, as Bitcoin and many of its smaller counterparts are all starting to climb in unison. With regards to…

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