Ethereum Payment Processing: How to Choose and Integrate

Despite the difficulties, Ethereum faces, the token has been holding the most successful altcoin’s title for many years. December 2020 was a pivotal moment for Ethereum: the network switched to the Proof of Stake algorithm. Together with sharding implementation, this transition aims to upgrade the network by solving the scalability problem and accelerating the speed of the validation of the transaction. This might give the network the second wind. When the second most significant cryptocurrency network operates at full capacity, its growth rate might become impressive indeed. Thus, the web platforms connected to the cryptocurrencies will face an important question on how to accept payments in Ether on their webpages. What accelerated Ethereum growth? Ethereum’s rocketing growth can be attributed to the fact that it allowed building stand-alone projects with token launches. The first Ethereum takeoff is linked to the development of ICO, the new type of crowdfunding. The idea…

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