Ethereum Marks its Most Successful Trading Day for the Year

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Ethereum (ETH) rallied on Thursday, re-sparking talk of an altcoin season as the asset closes in on the $300 tier. Ethereum Soars on Peak Trading Volumes Ethereum prices moved up and went vertical after months of sideways movements, with prices surging above $270. Until recently, ETH scored gradual growth over the first weeks of 2020. But February 13 marked the most spectacular daily performance in the year to date. Ether had most active session of the year yesterday BitMEX, Huobi & OKEx all traded > $1bln — skew (@skewdotcom) February 13, 2020 Ethereum made both the most significant daily gains, and managed to boost volumes to an all-time record above $26 billion in daily trading activity. ETH trades boomed across all leading platforms. The performance of ETH coincided with price spikes of other highly liquid altcoins. Ethereum traded around $273.71, taking its weekly gains to above 29%. Other altcoins…

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