Ethereum Lags Behind Bitcoin, But Analysts Think a Big Move is Coming

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Ethereum’s price has been significantly underperforming that of Bitcoin as of late While the benchmark cryptocurrency is now trading at fresh yearly highs, Ethereum is still down nearly 30% from its 2020 highs This underperformance is quite surprising to investors, as this latest Bitcoin rally is one of the few that has occurred in full isolation Altcoins have not been able to match its momentum throughout the past few days, but it remains unclear as to how long this trend will persist Today, news regarding PayPal adding support for Bitcoin helped move its price higher, but they are also adding support for Ethereum Once the market takes notice, it could help send ETH flying higher Bitcoin is currently trading at a new yearly high, with bulls being in full control of its uptrend as sellers struggle to gain any traction. Ethereum, however, is still consolidating at $380. The lack of…

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