Ethereum Just Posted a Strong Weekly Close as Analysts Eye Upside

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Ethereum has been consolidating alongside Bitcoin for the past few days, with bulls and bears currently locked in a heated battle as its price trades around $450 Where the market trends next will depend largely on whether or not Bitcoin can stabilize or move higher Global stock market volatility as a result of the vaccine news may also play a role in BTC’s price action in the week ahead Because ETH is a higher beta play, there’s a strong possibility that it will outperform BTC on an upswing and underperform it on a downswing One analyst is pointing to a few immense signs of strength that Ethereum has been flashing as of late, noting that it may be bottoming against Bitcoin Ethereum has been struggling to match the gains seen by Bitcoin throughout the past few weeks. This trend has started shifting, with its recent rally from lows of $380…

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