Ethereum is Stuck Below a Crucial Level, But Analysts Aren’t Worried

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Ethereum has been struggling to match the bullish price action seen by Bitcoin as of late, which has led it to consolidate around $380 The past couple of days have been no exception, and the cryptocurrency has yet to gain any bullish momentum despite BTC pushing against $14,000 It remains unclear as to when there will be an impetus for investors to rotate capital away from BTC and into ETH Once this does occur, however, ETH could see some major gains in a short period of time One trader believes that $390 is the key level to watch in the near-term Ethereum and the rest of the crypto market – except for Bitcoin – have struggled to gain any momentum over the past few days and weeks. The stagnant price action seen by ETH also comes amidst the phase 0 rollout of Ethereum 2.0 – which was widely expected to…

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