Ethereum is on the Cusp of Making a Full Recovery; Here’s What to Watch For

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Ethereum’s price action has been closely tied to that of Bitcoin as of late But while Bitcoin has broken multiple key resistance levels, ETH remains below the crucial $380 level This level has yet to be broken, with each visit here sparking a slight selloff Where Ethereum the entire market trends next will likely depend on Bitcoin and whether or not it can extend its upwards momentum One analyst is noting that Ethereum could be on the cusp of full reversing its recent downtrend, but there are a few key levels it must first break Bitcoin, Ethereum, and most other altcoins are consolidating today, following the intense momentum seen earlier in the week. ETH has been struggling to break above the $380 level, which has proven to be a turning point for the crypto on multiple occasions. Breaks above this level have sparked strong uptrends, whereas declines beneath it have…

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