Ethereum is Gearing Up for a Massive Breakout; Here’s How High It May Surge

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Ethereum has been seriously underperforming Bitcoin over the past few weeks, which comes as most altcoins lose significant value against BTC ETH has seen a few sharp rises that have helped it to buck this trend and gain some ground against BTC However, it has still been generally unable to keep up with Bitcoin’s massive momentum This trend may not last for long, however, as one analyst is now pointing to a few factors that suggest a massive rally is brewing for ETH He notes that a combination of technical factors suggests that a move to $800 is likely to take place in the short-term Ethereum has gained a strong foothold above $700, but it has been unable to extend its recent momentum. Each move into the mid-$700 region has resulted in it seeing relatively strong selloffs. One trader is now noting that where the crypto trends in the mid-term…

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