Ethereum Expected to Bounce as Price Cleanly Bounces Off $385


Ethereum has undergone a 6% drop over the past 24 hours in the face of the stock drop. The Dow Jones is down 3% during Monday’s trading session. Analysts think ETH could bounce, though, as the coin has recovered to $390. One analyst noted that the coin is now trading above the pivotal swing level at $390. Ethereum holding above that level is expected to trigger a recovery towards the $422 weekly highs as aforementioned. Ethereum Expected to Pop Towards Local Highs at $420 Ethereum has undergone a strong 6% drop over the past 24 hours in the face of a retracement in the stock market. The Dow Jones index has shed 3% during Monday’s trading session as there is some uncertainty around the pandemic and around the next fiscal stimulus package. The cryptocurrency has bounced strongly since the daily lows. ETH now trades for $392, up over 2% from…

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